Relieve stress and anxiety
in less than 5 min.

Short meditation sessions can quickly reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being.

Varied Content for Every Mind

We’ve put in the effort to release a variety of content designed to help you maximize your mindfulness.

Guided Meditations

Experience an immersive feeling through a guided path to help you reach a deeper state of calm.

Soothing sounds

Our meditation app offers a selection of soothing sounds designed to enhance your relaxation and focus.

Breathing Exercices

Guided breathing exercises help you relax and center yourself.

Mini Journeys

Experience the fusion of travel and guided meditation. Our mini journeys brings you pure mindfulness.

Sleep – Coming soon

We’re working on bringing meditations and sound design to help you fall asleep.

Frequency sounds – Coming soon

We’re working to bring frequency sounds to the app, later this year. It will help focus or improve sleep.

“We’re incredibly busy. Everybody’s stressed out. Relaxation and overall well-being are just some of the wonderful outcomes of a simple meditation practice.”

Sally Sherwin

 yoga therapist

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